Project #EV29          Bid Date: 6/27/2023 @ 2:00 pm PDT

Edgewater Creek Bridge Replacement Project, City of Everett, WA #3694


Low Bid:
Bids Received: 5
Apparent Low BidGranite Construction Company$ 24,392,577.00
2ndIMCO General Construction $ 26,457,028.00
3rdFlatiron West Inc.$ 29,807,192.00

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Builders Exchange of Washington, Inc. Subs and Suppliers

City of Everett
2930 Wetmore
Everett, WA 98201

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Work to be performed includes, replacement of the existing bridge, 230 feet of retaining walls, regrade and pave adjacent streets, landscaping, signage, channelization, illumination, stormwater conveyance, stormwater flow control, and other such work as may be necessary, in accordance with the Specifications, as shown on the Plans.