Blueprint reader and takeoff tool for Construction Plans Online.

System requirements and recommendations

The system requirements for using the FastBid internet imaging system are fairly low.


Minimum Requirements:
486 - 50 Processor
16 Mbytes RAM
30 Mbytes Free Hard Disk for caching.
28.8 Kbaud Modem connection

Recommended System:
Pentium 166 or higher
32 Mbytes RAM
80 Mbytes Free Hard Disk for caching
50 Kbaud Modem or higher

The most effective upgrade of course is the modem connection. The newly introduced ADSL digital service is very attractive for price and performance.

Note for large format printing: If you have a large format plotter, large amounts of RAM must be installed in both the computer and in the plotter.


Minimum Requirements:
14" monitor
600x800 dots resolution
256 colors

Recommended System:
17" or larger monitor
768x1024 resolution or higher
Hi-color or True-color colors

High resolution is very important for image clarity.


Windows 95, 98 or NT is the needed operating system. FastBid will work with either of the two main web browsers ( Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer ) as long as you have version 4.0 or higher. The lastest versions are a little more reliable than 4.0 but the 4.0 versions work. The FastBid viewer itself is required software and will automatically offer to install as you go into the drawings.