The Project Posting Service provides your organization with an area on the web containing your projects, for all who need access. For a small fee, plans are put online with an optional password which you control. All who need access to the construction documents have it without a membership or additional fees to them or you.

With almost all contractors on the web, this is an effective way to provide wide access to construction documents while saving on printing cost and eliminating waste. Improved accessibility to the plans also means more sub-bids for more competitive bids. And by providing easy access to the entire set, problems caused by subs not having all the documentation or the latest addenda are reduced.

All the plans, specs, addendums and any other documents are available online in a format which displays quickly. And new addendums typically go online within minutes after they are received so everyone is kept up to date on the latest changes. Users can measure on screen or print drawings on their own plotters as well as order prints at reasonable prices for just the pages they need. It's quick, easy and the software is installed automatically. Almost a million pages are viewed from our web server every month, saving a lot of money on copy cost.

Call Cheri for more information about trying out this service.

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